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Winning Visitors Choice at the New Light Art Prize

I am delighted to have been awarded the Visitors Choice Award at the Tuille House Museum and Art Gallery leg of the New Light Prize Exhibition.

New Light Art is a prestigious touring exhibition which has celebrated Contemporary Northern Art since 2010. It really meant a lot to have been selected from over two thousand applicants to be part of the New Light Exhibition in the first instance.

I was further happy and humbled to have been chosen by the visitors at Tuille House Museum as their favourite work. As an artist, it is very rewarding to learn that your work resonates with people.

In both my life and art I feel it is important to look for the beauty in the little things, because on some days these are all we've got. Hopefully this mixed media artwork featured elements of that ethos. I particularly appreciated one of the voters, Darren Bell, getting in touch. He brought joy to my day with some generous feedback and I much appreciated that he took his valuable time and effort to do so. Thank you Darren. He has kindly allowed me to share his thoughts:

“I saw 'Testing Station' at Tullie House and it was my instant favourite, then I find I'm in good

company as it won visitors choice. I'm sure most people are familiar with a scene such as this but your style and use of colour make unappealing objects such as the bins so interesting, so much so that many people, including myself, would love to have this on their wall. I've since had a look at more of your work and I find myself being drawn in and discovering something different each time I revisit a piece.”

Thanks to everyone who voted, it really means a lot as an artist to know that my work evokes an emotional response or opinion.

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