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Commissioning bespoke landscape artwork is enjoyable and rewarding. I’ll do my best to make sure the commission is an immersive, fun and creative experience that we’ll both enjoy.

I’ve helped many people make their dream artwork a reality, with a great track record of creating custom projects and consistently receiving excellent customer feedback, which I take great pride in.

If you’ve ever wondered how commissioning art works, please read on for information on how to get the bespoke, highly personal artwork that you’re after.


When you’re ready, please fill out the contact form or if you prefer, drop me an email at:



Here’s how the comissioning process works: 
Step 1: Consultation

The first things to discuss would be composition, timescale, size and subject. I work from clear, well-defined photos so am happy to chat about images you may already have, or even discuss site visits to capture new reference material. 


Original commission prices start from £950 and you will be investing in something truly unique. 


My artworks are created by building up numerous layers of photos, paints, resins and varnishes. They take a minimum of 6 weeks to complete so please get in touch as early as possible if you have a deadline to meet. How quickly you need your art will impact on the price.

The very nature of a bespoke commission means there are numerous variables that can be factored in, so I would always recommend having a conversation about the possibilities of a project. If you want to to get in touch and discuss this further I can happily provide you with a personalised quote. 


Step 2: Deposit

Once we’ve agreed the composition, size, timescales and colour scheme, I’ll ask you to pay a deposit of 25% of the final total. I use Paypal, so I can securely accept all major credit and debit cards. I also accept bank transfers. Deposits are non-refundable and I'm proud to say that no-one has ever asked for one.



Step 3: Collaboration

This is where we get creative together. We will finalise the brief, making sure I know everything I need to in order to create your perfect painting. I’ll show you drafts along the way and we can talk about how to make things work best. I work full time as an artist so have plenty of availability to discuss your ongoing project.



Step 4: Completion


I’ll show you the completed artwork in person or send videos and photographs of the work. Because we’ve talked about it along the way, you’ll have taken part in the direction it’s headed. Once we are both happy with the work, I will ask for the remaining payments to be made.



Step 5: Delivery


The final painting will be transported with care and attention, to arrive in immaculate condition, ready to add an extra dimension of beauty to your home or office. I use professional art couriers and art hanging services to deliver and, if requested, install your new artwork when it suits you best.


Step 6: Happiness


I’m very proud of my track record with commissions and happy customers, so I'd encourage you to give me feedback and stay in touch via social media. As an artist, I am extremely appreciative of the many people who have trusted in me over the years to create a bespoke artwork on their behalf. It would be great to have you as one of those people.

To book some time in my diary, please get in touch now


Please fill out the contact form below or email me at sharing your thoughts so far, regarding sizing, deadlines and subject matter. 


Original commission prices start from £950 and artwork creation takes at least 6 weeks to complete, so please get in touch now to start your commissioning journey. 


Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you. 


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