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Winner of the ING Discerning Eye Cityscape Prize

I am delighted to have been awarded the ING Discerning Eye Cityscape Prize for my artworks ‘Levelling up' and 'Best hopes and worst fears'. The exhibition, being held at the prestigious Mall Galleries in London, is now in its 31st year. There were almost 7,500 entries, out of which 527 pieces by 359 artists were shortlisted for the annual exhibition by a prestigious panel of judges.

I feel both humbled and inspired to have received this prize. Many thanks to everyone involved in the process. Particular thanks to Aindrea Emelife for selecting me to be involved. I'm also very grateful to ING Discerning Eye and Parker Harris for the award and congratulations to them and theMall Galleries for putting on such a wonderful exhibition.

I was delighted to learn that my two entries sold before the exhibition opened. There is a fantastic selection of work on display and all shortlisted works will be available to browse and, if still available, buy at the Mall Galleries until the 20th November 2022, and online until 31 December 2022. It is well worth a look.

Finally, may I also give a massive thank you to the new owners of the two artworks. Your support allows me to live my dream of being a full time artist and I am extremely appreciative. I'm delighted to learn that the pieces have found loving new homes.

Congratulations to everyone taking part and everyone involved in making the exhibition happen. What a fantastic platform for such a diverse selection of art and artists.

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