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Stumbling upon a Tiger in Glasgow

I had a fantastic couple of days in Glasgow recently. I was great to return to this beautiful city, especially whilst the Glasgow International Festival was in full swing. The event brought together both Glasgow based and international artists who exhibited in a variety of traditional gallery spaces and unique venues across the city. The diversity of artwork ranged from film, music and performance installations through to sculpture, textiles, ceramics and painting. Some of the favourite themes I encountered running across the festival were feminism, disorientation, the human condition, navigation and the built environment.

Whilst I don't believe it was part of the official trail I was suitably impressed by the wildlife art I stumbled upon on the walkway of the River Clyde. Further research tells me that the striking tigers head piece is by Scottish graffiti artist Klingatron. It's well worth a look if you are in the area and has the potential to be around long after the Glasgow International hangs up its hat for 2016. It love that an artform that was, perhaps until the fame of Banksy, viewed as a plague on society can now be seen as the ideal solution for a regeneration project and a piece to be celebrated and admired. Long may it continue.

You can learn more about the Glasgow International Festival at

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