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  • Ben Ark

Feeling sad for the loss of a distinguished beast

As the last ever Land Rover Defender is produced in the West Midlands this morning I wanted to salute this sad but momentous occasion by sharing one of my paintings. It's a work in progress shot of the iconic vehicle that is loved and admired around the world. I feel sad for the loss of this distinguished beast and have long been in awe of its durability and ruggedness across a multitude of terrains. It had the classic looks and robustness that made it fit just as well in a war zone, the city and a flooded field. To me it's like the Swiss army knife of vehicles.

I know it wasn't refined or luxurious but that's exactly what made it perfect. Ultimately however, this has now led to its demise as it fails to meet modern safety and emissions laws. Nevertheless, if it's good enough for Farmers, Lara Croft, the Queen and James Bond, deal me in.

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