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  • Ben Ark

Enjoying the Champagne Life

I have just returned from London and had the pleasure of visiting the Champagne Life exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. The exhibition celebrates the work of a mixed group of current female artists and I would very much recommend a visit. I was particularly impressed by the paintings of Jelena Bulajic. Her works are full of character and beautifully capture the detailed contortions and features of the subjects.

The physical impact of the pieces also captivates you, with the largest artworks measuring in at over two and a half meters tall. I was also a big fan of the sculptures by Stephanie Quayle. Made from air-hardening clay, chicken wire and steel, every mark gave you a sense of spirit and movement. Superb stuff. I've taken plenty of creative inspiration and share a couple of the photos to hopefully inspire you too. You can learn more at

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