There’s all sorts of reasons to turn to art. It can bring huge rewards. It’s amazingly therapeutic and will get neurons firing in new ways, opening up all sorts of fresh pathways - making you more relaxed, more creative, more sociable and a better collaborator.


Art for therapy, art for fun, art for communities


Getting in touch with your long lost creative side has many powerful benefits:

  • Feelings of accomplishment

  • Building positive relationships

  • Improving mental and physical health


I put on fun sessions that can be enjoyed by people of all abilities. The emphasis is on enjoying yourself, and getting a sense of achievement as you get better throughout the day.


I’ve worked with a large cross section of the community on engagement projects and participatory arts schemes. If you think art sessions could help you or your clients, please visit the contacts page or email me by clicking here.


I also provide corporate team building workshops


Art team building workshops are perfect for:

  • Developing communication

  • Promoting team cohesion

  • Empowering creative thinking

  • Motivating, rewarding and inspiring people


I’ve got a strong background in professional development and I’m vastly experienced in delivering community workshops, corporate team building sessions and mentoring other artists.


If you’d like to boost your company’s cohesion and creativity, why not arrange an afternoon workshop? My background in professional development means all programmes can be tailored to your company’s specific objectives. It’s not wishy-washy stuff, it really works wonders! Read more about Artist Ben Ark.


Want to find out how we could tailor your perfect programme?

Please visit the contacts page or email me by clicking here.

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